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List of The Largest Island In The World – An island is a piece of land surrounded by water. Islands are sometimes called islands or archipelagos. Comprise a large mass of land, the biggest 16 of them accounting for as much as 56 million square km- greater than the area of the continent of Europe. There are mainly two types of islands: continental islands, which are connected to the mainland by land, and oceanic islands, which are found in the ocean. And the islands are broadly divided into four types – continental islands, oceanic islands, tectonic islands, and coral islands. Check Also: List of Countries And Their National Games

Continental Islands

Those islands that rise from the ‘continental shelf”, for example, the British Isles and Newfoundland. These islands have the same geological structure, as the continents to which they are related.

Oceanic Islands

Those that rise from the BOSOM of the oceans. Their geological structure will have no geological relation to that of the nearest shores. They are very often the tops of submarine mountains or submarine volcanoes.

Tectonic Islands

Tectonic Islands are created by the movements in the Earth’s crust. The outer-most layer of the earth made of rigid plates is in very slow, but constant, motion. When one plate is pushed under another plate, the top plate may scrape off pieces of the bottom plate. Over millions of years, this material piles up to form an island. BARBADOS in the West Indies and KODIAK ISLANDS near Alaska was formed in the same manner.

Coral Islands

Coral Islands are the work of minute sea organisms called CORAL POLYPS. They congregate in large colonies. When the organisms (constituting biocoenosis of the coral. reefs) die, their skeletons, which are made of a substance resembling limestone, form big clusters, some of which rise above the water.

List of the Largest Island in the World

Here is the list of the largest islands in the world, you can download the list of the largest island in the world PDF using the direct download link given at the bottom of this table. Let’s take a look at the list of the largest islands in the world.

Largest IslandsLocationkm.
Australia (Geographically regarded as a continental landmass)Indian Ocean7,600,000
GreenlandArctic Ocean2,130,800
New GuineaWest Pacific785753
BorneoPacific Ocean748,168
Malagasy RepublicIndian Ocean587041
Baffin IslandArctic Ocean507451
SumatraIndian Ocean443,066
HonshuNorth-west Pacific225,800
Great BritainNorth Atlantic209,331
Victoria IslandArctic Ocean217290
Ellesmere IslandArctic Ocean196236
CelebesIndian Ocean178700
South Island (New Zealand)South-west Pacific145,836
JavaIndian Ocean138,794
North Island (New Zealand)South-west Pacific111,583
CubaCaribbean Sea105,806
New FoundlandNorth Atlantic110680
LuzonWest Pacific104,688
SakhalinNorth-west Pacific72,493
Tasmania (Main Island)South-west Pacific64,519
Sri Lanka (Main Island)Indian Ocean65,268
The Largest Island in the World

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