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Environmental Studies Odia Book PDF – We have provided the Environmental Studies Odia Book PDF on our website. If you are preparing for competitive examinations, then this book is very essential to know about Environmental Studies and here you can get the Environmental Studies Book PDF in Odia language by using the download button below.

Book NameEnvironmental Studies
LanguageOdia (ଓଡିଆ)
PublisherSambalpur University
Size50 MB

Short Summary

The environment is said to be the element that surrounds living beings in their lifetime. It is divided into two parts biotic and abiotic. The environment is made up of some non-living elements. These are natural elements like soil, water, air, light, energy, heat, fog, etc. Human life is directly and indirectly determined by these elements of the environment. An individual’s activities also affect the changes that take place in his environment.

The whole environment is made up of natural, social, and human resources. Our environment is made up of the surrounding vegetation, hills, mountains, rivers, forests, homes and springs, factories, and humans and animals. The elements of this environment are mainly composed of living and non-living elements.

The environment is divided into different parts: Natural Environment, Artificial Environment, Biological Environment, and Socio-Economic Environment. This Environmental Studies Book in Odia gives us knowledge of the environment and its components, environmental protection works to protect the next generation, provides information on distribution and environmental pollution, and so on.

Environmental Awareness

“According to psychologists, from a young age, a person’s true identity, values, and consciousness are established. So the awareness and attraction to the environment created from childhood can make a person more interested and committed to environmental protection as he grows up. “As we grow older, we need to be able to do this in a way that does not harm the environment.” Otherwise, the development will not be sustainable and tolerable. From my personal experience, I know that today’s adults, especially educated adults, can’t keep up with such thoughts. So no matter what everyone says about environmental protection, there is no fairness in the workplace. Efforts are therefore needed to create environmental awareness for future generations from childhood.” – Rebati Charan Das

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