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MS Excel Shortcut Keys PDF – In this article, we have provided the PDF of Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys, and here you can download the MS Excel Keyboard Shortcut Keys PDF for Windows and macOS using the download button, which is given below.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys

MS Excel is a spreadsheet application originally designed and developed by the Microsoft Corporation. The first version of Excel was released in the 1980s and since then it has evolved and expanded to become one of the most powerful business software programs in the world.

It is one of the most widely used office suites on the market today and is trusted by millions of users worldwide to perform complex data manipulations, organize and present information visually, and much more. Originally designed as a tool for managing business data, it has evolved into so much more. Today, Excel is used by individuals to track their finances, by small business owners to manage their day-to-day operations, and by students to prepare for exams.

Benefits of MS Excel Shortcut Keys

As such, it has a plethora of shortcuts and functions that can make your work in MS Excel much easier. This MS Excel Shortcut keys List PDF will teach you some of the most useful MS Excel shortcuts and functions that can help you be more efficient when working in Excel.

It will also teach you how to create custom macros in Excel to automate the work that you want to have performed over and over again. If you want to learn how to use Microsoft Excel to its fullest potential, then you’ve come to the right place!

MS Excel Shortcut Keys List PDF | MS Excel Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl+FSearch current sheet.
Ctrl+GGo to a certain area.
Ctrl+HFind and replace.
Ctrl+IPuts italics on all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+KInserts a hyperlink.
Ctrl+LOpens the Create Table dialog box.
Ctrl+RFill right. Fills the cell to the right with the contents of the selected cell. To fill more than one cell, select the source cell and press Ctrl+Shift+Right to select multiple cells. Then press Ctrl+R to fill them with the contents of the original cell.
Ctrl+HomeMove to cell A1.
Ctrl+EndMove to the last cell with text on the worksheet.
Ctrl+Shift+POpens the drop-down menu for the point size.
Shift+InsertPastes what is stored on the clipboard.
Shift+Page UpIn a single column, highlight all cells above that are selected.
Shift+Page DownIn a single column, highlight all cells above that are selected.
Shift+HomeHighlights all text to the left of the cursor.
Shift+EndHighlights all text to the right of the cursor.
Shift+Up ArrowExtends the highlighted area up to one cell.
Shift+Down ArrowExtends the highlighted area down one cell.
Shift+Left ArrowExtends the highlighted area left one character.
Shift +Right ArrowExtends the highlighted area right one character.
Ctrl+SSaves the open worksheet.
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action.
Ctrl+1Changes the format of the selected cells.
Ctrl+2Bolds all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+TOpen the Create Table dialog box.
Ctrl+WCloses the current workbook.
Ctrl+XCuts all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+YRepeats the last entry.
Ctrl+UUnderlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+VPastes everything copied onto the clipboard.
F1Opens the help menu.
F2Edits the selected cell.
F3After a name is created, F3 will paste names.
F4Repeats the last action. For example, if you changed the color of the text in another cell, pressing F4 will change the text in the cell to the same color.
F5Goes to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F6Move to the next pane.
F7Spell check selected text or document.
F8Enters Extend Mode.
F9Recalculates every workbook.
F10Activates the menu bar.
F11Creates a chart from selected data.
F12Save As option.
Alt+Shift+F2Saves the current worksheet.
Ctrl+NCreates a new workbook.
Ctrl+OOpens a workbook.
Ctrl+PPrint the current sheet.
Ctrl+3Puts italics on all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+4Underlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+5Puts a strikethrough all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+6Shows or hides objects.
Ctrl+7Shows or hides the toolbar.
Ctrl+8Toggles the outline symbols.
Ctrl+9Hides rows.
Ctrl+0Hides columns.
Ctrl+Shift+:Enters the current time.
Ctrl+;Enters the current date.
Ctrl+`Changes between displaying cell values or formulas in the worksheet.
Ctrl+’Copies a formula from the cell above.
Ctrl+Shift+”Copies value from the cell above.
Ctrl+-Deletes the selected column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+=Inserts a new column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+~Switches between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.
Ctrl+Shift+!Applies comma formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+$Applies currency formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+#Applies date formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+%Applies percentage formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+^Applies exponential formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+*Selects the current region around the active cell.
CTRL+SHIFT+;Enter the current Time
CTRL+;Enter the current date
Shift+F3Open the Insert Function window
Shift+F5Opens Find and replace dialog box
CTRL+ASelect all contents of the worksheets
CTRL+BBold highlighted selection
CTRL+IItalic highlighted selection
CTRL+KInsert Link
CTRL+UUnderline highlighted selection
CTRL+PBring out the print dialog box to being prating
CTRL+ZUndo the last action
CTRL+F9Minimize current workbook
CTRL+F10Minimize currently selected workbook
CTRL+F6Switch between open workbooks/ Windows
CTRL+Page Up Move the previous sheet between Excel worksheet in the same Excel
CTRL+PBeing up the print dialog box to being printing
CTRL+ZUndo the last action
CTRL+ Page DownMove the next sheet between Excel worksheet in the same Excel document
CTRL+ TabMove between or more open Excel Files
ALT+=Create a formula to sum all of the above cells
Shift + homeGo to the first cell in the current row
CTRL + shift+!Format number in comma format
CTRL + shift+$Format number in currency format
CTRL + shift+#Format number in date format
CTRL + shift+%Format number in percentage format
CTRL + [email protected]Format number in time format
CTRL+ SPACESelect entire column
SHIFT+SPACESelect entire row

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