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This article is about The Complete List of HTML Tags. Let’s know in brief what is HTML, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is the most widely used language on the Web to develop web pages. HTML was created by Berners-Lee in 1991 but “HTML 2.0” was the first standard HTML specification which was published in 1995.

HTML 4.01 was a major version of HTML and it was published in 1999. Though HTML 4.01 version is widely used currently HTML-5 version whích is an extension to HTML 4.01, and this version was published in 2012.

List of HTML Tags

As told earlier, HTML is a markup language and makes use of various tags to format the content. These tags are enclosed within angle brackets <Tag Name>. Except for a few tags, most of the tags have their corresponding closing tags, for example <html> has its closing tag </html> and <body> tag has its closing tag </body>, and so on. HTML tags are not case-sensitive; <b> means the same as <B>.

HTML Basic Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<html>Create an HTML document
<head>Sets off the title & other info that isn’t displayed
<body>Sets off the visible portion of the document
<title>Puts the name of the document in the title bar; when bookmarking pages, this is what is bookmarked
HTML Body Attributes
HTML TagsDescription
<body bgcolor=?>Sets background color, using the name or hex value
<body text=?>Sets text color, using the name or hex value
<body link=?>Sets the color of links, using the name or hex value
<body vlink=?>Sets the color of visited links, using the name or hex value
<body alink=?>Sets the color of active links (while mouse-clicking)
HTML Text Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<pre>Creates preformatted text
<h1> to <h6>Creates headlines — H1=largest, H6=smallest
<b>Creates bold text (should use <strong> instead)
<i>Creates italicized text (should use <em> instead)
<tt>Creates typewriter-style text
<code>Used to define source code, usually monospace
<cite>Creates a citation, usually processed in italics
<address>Creates address section, usually processed in italics
<em>Emphasizes a word (usually processed in italics)
<strong>Emphasizes a word (usually processed in bold)
<font size=?>Sets the size of the font – from 1 to 7 (should use CSS instead)
<font color=?>Sets font color (should use CSS instead)
<font face=?>Defines the font used (should use CSS instead)
HTML Links Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<a href=”URL”> clickable text</a>Creates a hyperlink to a Uniform Resource Locator
<a href=”mailto:EMAIL_ADDRESS”> clickable text</a>Creates a hyperlink to an email address
<a name=”NAME”>Creates a target location within a document
<a href=”#NAME”> clickable text</a>Creates a link to that target location
HTML Formatting Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<p> </p>Creates a new paragraph
<br>Insets a line break (carriage return)
<blockquote>Puts content in a quote – indents text from both sides
<div>Used to format block content with CSS
<span>Used to format inline content with CSS
HTML Lists Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<ul>Creates an unordered list
<ol start=?>Creates an ordered list (start=xx, where xx is a counting number)
<li>Encompasses each list item
<dl>Creates a definition list
<dt>Precedes each definition term
<dd>Precedes each definition
HTML Graphical Elements Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<hr>Inserts a horizontal rule
<hr size=?>Sets size (height) of horizontal rule
<hr width=?>Sets width of rule (as a % or absolute pixel length)
<hr noshade>Creates a horizontal rule without a shadow
<img src=”URL” />Adds image; it is a separate file located at the URL
<img src=”URL” align=?>Aligns image left/right/center/bottom/top/middle (use CSS)
<img src=”URL” border=?>Sets the size of the border surrounding the image (use CSS)
<img src=”URL” height=?>Sets height of image, in pixels
<img src=”URL” width=?>Sets width of the image, in pixels
<img src=”URL” alt=?>Sets the alternate text for browsers that can’t process images (required by the ADA)
HTML Forms Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<form>Defines a form
<select multiple name=? size=?>Creates a scrolling menu. Size sets the number of menu items visible before the user needs to scroll.
<select name=?>Creates a pulldown menu
<option>Sets off each menu item
<textarea name=? cols=”x” rows=”y”>Creates a text box area. Columns set the width; rows set the height.
<input type=”checkbox” name=? value=?>Creates a checkbox.
<input type=”checkbox” name=? value=? checked>Creates a checkbox that is pre-checked.
<input type=”radio” name=? value=?>Creates a radio button.
<input type=”radio” name=? value=? checked>Creates a radio button that is pre-checked.
<input type=”text” name=? size=?>Creates a one-line text area. Size sets length, in characters.
<input type=”submit” value=?>Creates a submit button. Value sets the text in the submit button.
<input type=”image” name=? src=? border=? alt=?>Creates a submit button using an image.
<input type=”reset”>Creates a reset button
HTML Tables Tags
HTML TagsDescription
<table> </table>Creates a table
<tr> </tr>Sets off each row in a table
<td> </td>Sets off each cell in a row
<th> </th>Sets off the table header (a normal cell with bold, centered text
Table attributes (only use for email newsletters)
HTML TagsDescription
<table border=?>Sets the width of the border around table cells
<table cellspacing=?>Sets amount of space between table cells
<table cellpadding=?>Sets amount of space between a cell’s border and its contents
<table width=?>Sets the width of the table in pixels or as a percentage
<tr align=?>Sets alignment for cells within the row (left/center/right)
<td align=?>Sets alignment for cells (left/center/right)
<tr valign=?>Sets vertical alignment for cells within the row
<td valign=?>(top/middle/bottom)
<td rowspan=?>Sets vertical alignment for cell (top/middle/bottom)
<td colspan=?>Sets the number of rows a cell should span (default=1)
<td nowrap>Sets the number of columns a cell should span
HTML5 Input Tag Attributes
HTML TagsDescription
<input type=”email” name=?>Sets a single-line textbox for email addresses
<input type=”url” name=?>Sets a single-line textbox for URLs
<input type=”number” name=?>Sets a single-line textbox for a number
<input type=”range” name=?>Sets a single-line text box for a range of numbers
<input type=”date/month/week/time” name=?>Sets a single-line text box with a calendar showing the date/month/week/time
<input type=”search” name=?>Sets a single-line text box for searching
<input type=”color” name=?>Sets a single-line text box for picking a color

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