List of The Nearest Stars To Earth

Luminous heavenly bodies which have their own light and other radiant energy are called stars. Stars are made up of extremely hot burning gases. The low-temperature star looks Red, higher temperature star looks Yellow, and the very high-temperature star looks Blue. In this article, I have provided a list of the Nearest Stars To Earth or the Closest Stars To Earth.

The Nearest Stars To Earth

It is very well known that the Sun is the closest star to the Earth and the Earth’s average distance from the Sun is about 93 million miles. There are many other stars that are closest to the Earth but before the Sun, which is visible to the naked eye at night, but their immense distance from the Earth makes them appear as fixed points of light. Let’s take a look at the list of the nearest stars to earth.

List of The Nearest or Closest Star To Earth

Star NameDistance (Light Year)ApparentAbsolute
Proxime Centauri4.211.0915.5
Alpha (a) Centauri4.30.014.38
Barnard’s Star6.29.5313.22
Lalande 211858.07.610.7
Wolf 3598.113.4416.55
Sirius A8.71.431.47
Inne’s Star9.611.714.4
B.D.-12 degrees 45239.99.512.1
Kapteyn’s Star10.28.8410.87
Ross 24810.210.4313.07
Tau Ceti10.23.495.68
61 Cygni10.75.68
Laceillie 935211.27.49.7
Groombridge 3411.68.0810.32
Epsilon Indi11.64.696.89
Kruger 60 A12.59.7911.76
Van Maanen’s Star12.812.314.3

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