Political Science – Meaning, Scope, and Nature

Political Science – Both the terms politics and political science has been derived from the Greek word polis, which means city-states. Politics as a social science this scripture was created in the ancient Greek city-state in the fifth or fourth century BC. The Greek philosopher Plato has written the book “The Republic” and the Greek philosopher Aristotle has written the book “The Politics”. Aristotle distinguished politics from theology in his book “The Politics” and gave it the status of a unique scripture. He (Aristotle) is known as the father of political science because of his foresight and bilingual writing.

James Wilford Garner was said – “Political science begins with the nation and ends with the nation”

Therefore, political science is a social science that provides well-organized and disciplined knowledge about the state, government, various political institutions, political behavior, and political change.

Sir Frederick Pollock divides politics into two parts, namely theoretical politics, and practical politics. Traditional political science focuses on the study of nations, governments, and science political institutions while modern political science studies the use of individuals.

According to Aristotle, Political science is the master of all social sciences or sciences. Frederick Pollock, Aristotle, Silli, etc. accept politics as science, and Auguste Comte, Buckle, and the mainland do not accept political science as science. In terms of nature, political science is both science and art.

Scope of Political Science

The scope of political science refers to the content of its study. The study of states and governments, States and Governments, Various Political Institutions, Political Life, General Administration, Autonomy, Relations between Individuals and States, Citizenship, International Religions and Organizations, International Relations and Problems, Political Theory and Philosophy, Comparative Governments and Constitutions, etc., include the scope of politics.

The origin of both politics and political science comes from the Greek word ‘police’ which means ‘city-state’. So some use politics and political science in the same sense. Since political science is a social science, it has a close relationship with other social sciences such as history, economics, sociology, and philosophy.

‘History is the politics of the past and politics is the history of the present,’ Professor Freeman said. Similarly, Professor Silli is said ‘history without political science is fruitless, and history in political science is worthless’.

One of the goals of economics and political science is to improve human well-being. Since sociology is the mother of political science, it is impossible to grow and progress in political science without sociology.

According to Catlin, ‘political science and sociology are not only intermittent, but they are also harmonious’. Political science teaches the philosophy of how the activities of the individual should be regulated to achieve the goal of the nation.

The nation is a political institution composed of elements of a particular region, population, government, and so on. Sovereignty is an important component of the nation. It separates the nation from other unions.

According to Aristotle Man is a social creature, who can live without society as an animal or a deity.

Organized people are called unions to achieve specific goals. The state is a political union. Only the nation has sovereignty, But no other union or society has sovereignty. The state is called the Union of Unions because the state controls other unions by the power of sovereignty.

The nation that organized itself for the idea of a political forum in the hope of independence or independence is called a nation. A nation can be formed with more than one, But it is impossible to form multiple nations within one nation.

Who is known as the father of political science?

Aristotle is known as the father of political science.

Who wrote the book “The Republic”?

The Greek philosopher Plato wrote the book “The Republic”

Who wrote the book “The Politics”?

The Greek philosopher Aristotle wrote the book “The Politics”.

Who said, “Political science begins with the nation and ends with the nation”?

James Wilford Garner said – “Political science begins with the nation and ends with the nation”.

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