List of Rivers in Germany – Source, Length, & Mouth

In this article, we have studied Rivers in Germany and their Source, Length, & Mouth: The simplest definition of a river is, a river is a body of water that flows downhill under the force of gravity. The point at which the river originated is called its source. It is also known as the headwater. The point where it enters another large body of water such as a larger river, lake, sea, or ocean is called the mouth of the river.

Since the birth of human civilization, rivers have been very important. River, in general, contains many different values, it also signifies human health, since freshwater from rivers is essential to our communities and ourselves.

Rivers of Europe: List of Major Rivers of Europe

Rivers in Germany

Germany is a Western European country with a landscape of forests, and rivers that are some of the most famous in the world. There are 197 rivers in Germany and some of the most beautiful, ancient, and important waterways of western Europe. Let’s take a look at the complete list of Rivers in Germany and their Source, Length, & Mouth.

List of Rivers in Germany

S.N.Name of the RiverSource/OriginMouthLength
1Schwentine RiverBungsbergBetween the Kiel districts of Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf and Wellingdorf into the Kiel Fjord62 km
2Trave RiverGiebelrade, Ahrensbök, Ostholstein, Schleswig-HolsteiBay of Lubeck (Baltic Sea)124 km
3Stepenitz RiverNorthwest of Schwerin and the Neumühler SeeInto the Potenitzer Wiek52 km
4Warnow RiverWarnow in Grebbin (10 kilometres north of Parchim)Baltic Sea (near the town of Rostock)155.4 km
5Nebe RiverWarnow60 km
6Recknitz RiverMecklenburgBaltic Sea72 km
7Peenestrom RiverOderBaltic Sea20 km
8Peene RiverWestpeene (Vollrathsruhe)Peenestrom (Anklam)138.5 km
9Tollense RiverMurzsee, near the village of BlumenholzDemmin95.81 km
10Oder RiverFidluv kopec, Oderske vrchy, Nizky Jesenik, Olomouc District, Olomouc Region, Moravia, Czech RepublicSzczecin Lagoon (Baltic Sea, Poland)840 km
11Lusatian Neisse RiverLusatian MountainsOder (Neibemunde, Brandenburg, Germany)252 km
12Danube RiverBregDanube Delta (Romania)2,850 km
13Inn RiverSwiss Alps (Lagh dal Lunghin)Danube (Passau)518.5 km
14Rott RiverLower BavariaInn111.4 km
15Salzach RiverKitzbuhel AlpsInn227.3 km
16Saalach RiverKitzbuhel AlpsSalzach105.5 km
17Alz RiverChiemseeInn67.3 km
18Chiemsee River
19Großache RiverThurn Pass, Pinzgau, SalzburgChiemsee79 km
20Isen RiverNear Lacken (in the municipality of Maitenbeth)Opposite Neuotting into the Inn81 km
21Ilz RiverBavarian ForestDanube40.3 km
22Vils RiverUpper BavariaDanube81.7 km
23Isar RiverKarwendel, AlpsDanube291.5 km
24Amper RiverNorthern Limestone AlpsIsar190 km
25Loisach RiverNorthern Limestone AlpsIsar113.2 km
26Grobe Laber RiverLower BavariaDanube87.5 km
27Regen RiverBohemian ForestDanube190.9 km
28Chamb RiverSouth of Kdyne, Domazlice, Plzen RegionRegen at Cham, Oberpfalz Bavaria50.3 km
29Naab RiverFichtelgebirgeDanube57.5 km
30Vils RiverUpper PalatinateNaab87.4 km
31Schwarze Laber RiverBavarian JuraDanube77.7 km
32Altmuhl RiverMiddle FranconiaDanube at Kelheim226.9 km
33Abens RiverNear Au in der HallertauDanube at Eining71.1 km
34Ilm RiverUpper Bavaria (near Altomunster)Abens83.8 km
35Paar RiverUpper BavariaDanube136.8 km
36Friedberger Ach RiverNear Penzing-UntermuhlhausenNear Rennertshofen-Stepperg into the Danube100.4 km
37Lech RiverNorthern Limestone AlpsDanube255.3 km
38Wertach RiverNorthern Limestone AlpsLech141 km
39Schmutter RiverSwabiaDanube95.6 km
40Zusam RiverNorth of the village of Konghausen, in the Unterallgau district of BavariaDanube near the town of Donauworth.97.1 km
41Wornitz RiverNear Schillingsfürst, in the Middle Franconia region of BavariaDanube in Donauworth131.8 km
42Brenz RiverSwabian AlbDanube at Lauingen91.6 km
43Mindel RiverWest of Kaufbeuren, in the Allgäu regionNear Gundremmingen into the Danube80.7 km
44Kammel RiverUnterallgau west of MindelheimMindel near Offingen74 km
45Gunz RiverNear Lauben by the confluence of its two source rivers: the Ostliche Gunz (eastern Gunz) and the Westliche Gunz (western Gunz)Danube in Gunzburg86.8 km
46Iller RiverNorthern Limestone AlpsDanube145.9 km
47Rot RiverNear Rot a der RotDanube55.8 km
48Riss RiverUpper SwabiaDanube49.9 km
49Lauchert RiverNear Sonnenbuhl, in the Swabian AlbDanube60.4 km
50Meuse RiverPouilly-en-Bassigny, Le Chatelet-sur-Meuse, Haute-Marne, Grand Est, FranceNorth Sea (Hollands Diep, North Brabant/South Holland, Netherlands)925 km
51Niers RiverLower Rhine regionMaas113.1 km
52Rur RiverHigh FensMeuse River164.5 km
53Wurm RiverSouth of AachenNorth of Heinsberg into the Rur57.1 km
54Inde RiverNear Raeren, in Eastern BelgiumRur near Julich54.1 km
55Rhine RiverRein Anteriur/Vorderrhein (Tomasee, Surselva, Graubunden, Switzerland)North Sea (Netherlands)1,230 km
56Lippe RiverAt the edge of the Teutoburg Forest in Bad Lippspringe close to the city of PaderbornRhine at Wesel220.3 km
57Alme RiverSauerlandLippe River59.4 km
58Emscher RiverHolzwickede (Eastern Ruhr Area)Rhine River83.2 km
59Ruhr RiverKahler AstenRhine River219.2 km
60Volme RiverSoutheastern Ruhr AreaRuhr River50.7 km
61Lenne RiverSauerlandRuhr River129.0 km
62Mohne RiverSauerlandRuhr River65.1 km
63Erft RiverSoutheast of Engelgau as the KuhbachRhine near Neuss-Grimlinghausen106.6 km
64Wupper RiverSauerlandRhine River115.8 km
65Sieg RiverRothaargebirge mountains (Siegerland)Rhine at the Naturschutzgebiet Siegaue155.1 km
66Agger RiverSauerland hills, near MeinerzhagenNear Siegburg the Agger flows into the Sieg69.5 km
67Nister RiverWesterwald hills (near Willingen)Near Wissen the Nister flows into the Sieg64 km
68Ahr RiverBlankenheim, Northern Eifel, North Rhine-WestfaliaRhine (Remagen, Rhineland-Palatinate)89 km
69Wied RiverWesterwald (near Dreifelden)Rhine in Neuwied102.8 km
70Moselle RiverVosges mountainsRhine River545 km
71Elzbach RiverEifel (near Kelberg)Moselle in Moselkern, in the Verbandsgemeinde of Cochem59 km
72Alf RiverNorth of DarscheidNear Alf into the Moselle51.879 km
73Lieser RiverEifel (near Boxberg, north of Daun)Near Lieser into the Moselle73.6 km
74Salm RiverEifel (near the village of Salm, south of Gerolstein)Moselle in Klusserath63 km
75Kyll RiverEifel mountains (near the border with Belgium)Moselle in Ehrang127.6 km
76Saar RiverVosges mountains on the border of Alsace and LorraineMoselle246 km
77Nied RiverLorraineSaar in Rehlingen-Siersburg114 km
78Prims RiverHunsruck mountains (near the village Malborn)Saar in Dillingen91 km
79Blies RiverHunsruck near SelbachSaar99.5 km
80Schwarzbach RiverPalatinate Forest, near TrippstadtBlies in Homburg-Einod50 km
81Sauer RiverIn the Ardennes on the soil of Libramont-Chevigny near the Planchipont farm (Belgium)Between Wasserbilligerbrück (Germany) and Wasserbillig (Luxembourg) into the Moselle173 km
82Prum RiverBetween Ormont and Reuth on the SchneifelridgeIn Minden into the Sauer95.04 km
83Nims RiverIn the Eifel southeast of WeinsheimNear Irrel into the Prum61.43 km
84Our RiverNortheast of the Eichelsberg in the municipality of Büllingen, parish of ManderfeldNear Wallendorf into the Sauer96.111 km
85Lahn RiverNear the Bahnhof in the municipality of Netphen, North Rhine-WestphaliaRhine at Lahnstein, Rhineland-Palatinate245.6 km
86Aar RiverTaunus mountains, near TaunussteinLahn in Diez49.7 km
87Weil RiverTaunusLahn46.6 km
88Dill RiverRothaargebirge / WesterwaldLahn54.9 km
89Ohm RiverNear the town Ulrichstein in the High Vogelsberg regionLahn, short before the town Cölbe60.7 km
90Nahe RiverHunsruckRhine125.1 km
91Alsenz RiverEnkenbach-Alsenborn, north-east of KaiserslauternNahe57 km
92Glan RiverHochenAfter flowing through Odernheim below Staudernheim from the right into the Nahe89.67 km
93Selz RiverNear the village of Orbis in the county of DonnersbergkreisRhine at Ingelheim63 km
94Main RiverWhite Main in the Fichtel Mountains of northeastern BavariaRhine524.9 km
95Nidda RiverVogelsberg on the Taufstein mountain range near the town of SchottenMain90.0 km
96Wetter RiverVogelsbergNidda68.8 km
97Kinzig River500 m southwest of the village of Sinntal-SterbfritzWest of the Altstadt of Hanau into the Main at river kilometer 5587.2 km
98Tauber RiverNear WeikersholzNear Wertheim am Main into the Main131.7 km
99Franconian Saale RiverIn the Grabfeld region near Bad KönigshofenNear Gemunden into the Main140.0 km
100Regnitz RiverFranconiaMain63.7 km
101Pegnitz RiverFranconiaRegnitz112.6 km
102Rednitz RiverThe confluence of the rivers Franconian Rezat and Swabian Rezat, in Georgensgmünd (district of Roth)Regnitz46.4 km
103Franconian Rezat RiverFranconian Heights near OberdachstettenConfluence: with the Swabian Rezat in Georgensgmund to form the Rednitz77.3 km
104Swabian Rezat RiverFranconian JuraRegnitz33.3 km
105Itz RiverIn the Thuringian Forest near SachsenbrunnMain southeast of Baunach79.1 km
106Red Main RiverThe Red Main Spring in the Lindenhardt Forest, 10 kilometers south of Bayreuth near HörlasreuthConfluence: south of Kulmbach, near Steinenhausen Castle with the White Main into the Main71.8 km
107Neckar RiverBlack ForestRhine362.4 km
108Jagst RiverSwabian AlbNeckar190.0 km
109Kocher RiverSwabian AlbNeckar168.7 km
110Enz Riversource of the Poppelbach in BesenfeldNeckar in Besigheim105.6 km
111Glems RiverStuttgartEnz47.0 km
112Murr RiverSwabiaNeckar51.8 km
113Rems RiverSwabian JuraNeckar78.5 km
114Fils RiverSwabian AlbNeckar62.9 km
115Queich RiverPalatinate Forest (Hauenstein, Rhineland-Palatinate)Confluence with Rhine (Germersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate)51.5 km
116Pfinz RiverBlack ForestRhine60.4 km
117Lauter RiverPalatine ForestRhine55 km
118Murg RiverIn the Northern Black Forest: a confluence of the Rechtmurg and Rotmurg in ObertalNear Steinmauern into the Upper Rhine79.6 km
119Sauer RiverPalatinate forest (near the French border, south of Pirmasens)Rhine in Seltz85 km
120Acher RiverOn the northeast flank of the VogelskopfNear Iffezheim into the Rhine53.6 km
121Rench RiverAt Kniebis near Bad Griesbach im Schwarzwald-ZufluchtRhine (near Rheinau/Lichtenau/Helmlingen)57.1 km
122Kinzig RiverLoßburg in the district of FreudenstadtIn Kehl-Auenheim93.3 km
123Schutter RiverAt Hunersedel in SchweighausenNear Kehl57.0 km
124Elz RiverBlack Forest (near the source of the Breg)Rhine near Lahr121.0 km
125Wiese RiverIn the Black Forest between the Feldberg and the GrafenmattBetween the Basle quarters of Klybeck and Kleinhüningen into the Upper Rhine57.82 km
126Wutach RiverOn the Seebuck (Black Forest) as the SeebachThe Rhine near Waldshut-Tiengen91.1 km
127IJssel RiverNederrijn (Westervoort, Gelderland, Netherlands)Ketelmeer (Kampen, Salland, Overijssel, Netherlands)125 km
128Berkel RiverBillerbeck (near the German city of Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia)IJssel at Zutphen114.6 km
129Oude IJssel RiverNear Raesfeld, Westphalia, GermanyNear Doesburg, in the IJssel, Gelderland, Netherlands81.7 km
130Vechte RiverAt the foot of the Bertmaring Farm, Oberdarfeld, WestphaliaZwarte Water river near the town of Hasselt181.7 km
131Dinkel RiverNorth Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (between Ahaus and Coesfeld)Vechte in Neuenhaus89.0 km
132Ems RiverSchloß Holte-StukenbrockDollart Bay/North Sea (Emden)362.4 km
133Hase RiverMelle-Wellingholzhausen, Teutoburg ForestEms River (Meppen)169.7 km
134Weser RiverThe confluence of the Fulda and Werra Rivers in Hann. MundenThe Wadden Sea of the North Sea (Between Bremerhaven and Nordenham)452 km
135Hunte RiverWiehengebirgeElsfleth189 km
136Lesum RiverThe confluence of the Wümme and Hamme rivers near RitterhudeWeser (Bremen-Vegesack)9.85 km
137Wumme RiverLuneburg HeathLesum121 km
138Aller RiverIn Eggenstedt near Seehausen in the Magdeburg BordeWeser near Verden214.8 km
139Bohme RiverIn the Pietzmoor south of SchneverdingenBetween Ahlden and Rethem into the Aller72.1 km
140Leine RiverIn Leinefelde in the EichsfeldNear Schwarmstedt into the Aller281 km
141Innerste RiverHarzLeine100.7 km
142Rhume RiverKarstic spring of Rhume Spring in Rhumspringe, south of the Harz mountain rangeLeine river west of Northeim48 km
143Oder RiverNear Oderbruck in the Harz MountainsNear Katlenburg into the Rhume56.1 km
144Ortze RiverNorth of Munster in the Große Heide (Bundesforst Raubkammer)Into the Aller southeast of Winsen62.3 km
145Fuhse RiverOderwaldAller94.6 km
146Oker RiverHarz MountainsAller128.2 km
147Schunter RiverElmOker58.3 km
148Werre RiverEggegebirgeWeser71.9 km
149Diemel RiverSauerlandWeser110.4 km
150Fulda RiverRhonWeser220.4 km
151Eder RiverEderkopfEdermunde176.1 km
152Schwalm RiverVogelsberg MountainsEder97.3 km
153Haune RiverRhon MountainsFulda66.6 km
154Werra RiverOn the Eselsberg and BleßbergConfluence with the Fulda in Hann. Münden to form the Weser299.6 km
155Horsel RiverThuringian ForestWerra56 km
156Ulster RiverRhon MountainsWerra57.3 km
157Elbe RiverBile Labe (Giant Mountains, Czech Republic)North Sea (Germany)1,112 km
158Oste RiverNear Tostedt at the border of the Luneburg HeathElbe river near Otterndorf149.4 km
159Stor RiverEast of NeumunsterElbe87 km
160Alster RiverHenstedt-UlzburgElbe (Hamburg)56 km
161Bille RiverSchleswig-HolsteinElbe65 km
162Ilmenau RiverThe confluence of the Gerdau and Stederau in Veerßen (a district of Uelzen)Near Hooptie (a district of Winsen (Luhe)), into the Elbe121.5 km
163Jeetzel RiverAltmarkElbe73 km
164Locknitz RiverZiegendorf at ParchimNear Wehningen into the Elbe66 km
165Elde RiverMecklenburg-VorpommernElbe220 km
166Aland RiverBiese, AltmarkElbe28.0 km
167Stepenitz RiverBrandenburgElbe84 km
168Havel RiverAnkershagen, MecklenburgRonstadt-Gnevsdorf325 km
169Dosse RiverBrandenburgHavel94 km
170Rhin RiverBrandenburgHavel133.3 km
171Plane RiverHigh Fläming Nature Park, near RabensteinHavel in the Breitlingsee lake west of Brandenburg a der Havel.57 km
172Nuthe RiverThe flaming region, near Niedergorsdorf.Havel in central Potsdam65 km
173Spree RiverUpper LusatiaHavelabout 400 km
174Dahme RiverBrandenburgSpree95 km
175Ohre RiverLower SaxonyElbe104.9 km
176Pleiße RiverDrei-Linden-Brunnen (formerly Alboldsbrunnen) in Ebersbrunn near ZwickauWhite Elster (Elster flood plain)90 km
177Weida RiverNear PausaWhite Elster57 km
178Unstrut RiverThuringiaSaale192 km
179Wipper RiverEichsfeld area, northwestern Thuringia (near Leinefelde-Worbis)Unstrut near Heldrungen95 km
180Gera RiverThuringian Forest, west of IlmenauUnstrut85 km
181Ilm RiverThuringian ForestSaale129 km
182Schwarza RiverThuringian Forest, near Neuhaus am RennwegSaale in Rudolstadt53 km
183Mulde RiverZwickauer Mulde and Freiberger MuldeElbe124 km
184Zwickauer Mulde RiverOre Mountains, near Schoneck, in the VogtlandkreisMulde166 km
185Chemnitz RiverZwonitz and WurschnitzZwickauer Mulde75 km
186Freiberger Mulde RiverNear Moldava (Czech Republic)Near Sermuth (a district of Colditz) (confluence with the Zwickauer Mulde)124 km
187Zschopau RiverErzgebirge, on the slopes of the Fichtelberg (near the border with the Czech Republic)Freiberger Mulde in the village Schweta, west of Dobeln128 km
188Black Elster RiverLusatian Highlands (south of the village Kindisch in the borough of Elstra)Elbe in the municipality of Elster179 km
189Weißeritz RiverThe confluence of the Wild Weißeritz and Red WeißeritzElbe13.7 km
190Wild Weißeritz RiverEastern Czech Ore MountainsWeißeritz52.5 km
191Wesenitz RiverLausitzer BerglandElbe83 km
192Ohre RiverFichtel Mountains, Bavaria, GermanyElbe, Czech Republic316 km
193Vltava RiverCerna hora, Bohemian ForestElbe (Melnik)430 km
194Berounka RiverMze (Griesbacher Wald, Germany)Vltava (Prague)138.2 km
195Mze RiverMies (Griesbacher Wald, Germany)Berounka River (Plzen City)105.2 km
196Eider RiverKlaster Teich (Wattenbek)North Sea (Tonning)188 km
197Treene RiverBondenau (Mohrkirch, Angeln)Eider (Friedrichstadt)95 km

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