List of Temples in Bhubaneswar

Temples in Bhubaneswar – Bhubaneswar is an ancient city in India’s eastern state of Odisha and it is the capital city of Odisha, India. The city historically was named Ekamra Kshetra. Bhubaneswar is often referred to as the temple city of India It has around 57 famous temples. Although the modern city of Bhubaneswar was established in 1948, the history of the present-day city can be traced to the third century BCE. It is a confluence of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain heritage.

Temples in Bhubaneswar

With Puri and Konark, the Kalinga architecture forms the “Swarna Tribhuja” or Golden triangle. It is one of the modern cities in India. Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are often called twin cities of Odisha. Many temples built from sandstone are dotted around Bindu Sagar lake including the most famous Lingaraj Temple. Many sculptures, weaponry, remains of plants and animals and indigenous Patta Chitra paintings fill the Odisha State Museum. The city never forgets a second time to attract people to it. Let’s take a look at the List of Temples in Bhubaneswar

List of Temples in Bhubaneswar

Name of the templeDeityArchitecture
Aisanyesvara Siva TempleShivaKalinga, 13th Century
Akhadachandi TempleShivaKalinga, 10th Century
Ananta Vasudeva TempleKrishna13th Century
Astasambhu TempleShiva10th Century
Bharateswar TempleShiva6th Century
Bharati MathaVishnu11th Century
Bhringesvara Siva TempleShiva8th Century
Bhrukutesvar Siva TempleShiva13th Century
Brahma TempleBrahma15th Century
Brahmeswara TempleShiva11th Century
Byamokesvara TempleShiva11th Century
Chakreshvari Siva TempleShiva10-11th Century
Champakesvara Siva TempleShiva13th Century
Chandrasekhara Mahadeva TempleShiva19th Century
Chintamanisvara Siva TempleShiva14th Century
Devasabha TempleShiva18th Century
Dishisvara Siva TempleShiva15th Century
Duladevi TempleMahishamardini18th Century
Gandhi Garabadu Precinct Vishnu TempleVishnu12-13th Century
Gangesvara Siva TempleShiva13-14th Century
Gokarnesvara Siva TempleShiva1st Century
Gopal Tirtha Matha16th Century
Gosagaresvar Precinct Siva TempleShiva14-15th Century
Gourisankara Siva TempleShiva9th Century
Jaleswar Siva TempleShiva12th Century
Kapilesvara Siva TempleShiva14th Century
Kusesvara (Kushakeswara) Siva TempleShiva15th Century
Labesvara (Labakeswara) Siva TempleShiva15th Century
Ladu Baba TempleShiva15th Century
Lakhesvara Siva TempleShiva13th Century
Lakhmaneswara TempleShiva6th Century
Lingaraj TempleShiva11th Century
Lokanath Siva TempleShiva15th Century
Madneswar Siva TempleShiva12th Century
Mangalesvara Siva TempleShiva14th Century
Mukteswar TempleShiva970
Nagesvara TempleShiva
Pabaneswara TempleShiva10th Century
Parsurameswar TempleShiva650
Purvesvara Siva TempleShiva13th-14th Century
Rajarani TempleShiva11th Century
Ram MandirLord Ram20th Century
Rameshwar DeulaShiva9th Century
Sarvatresvara Siva TempleShiva10th Century A.D.
Satrughaneswara TempleShiva6th Century A.D.
Sivatirtha Matha6th Century A.D.
Subarnesvara Siva TempleShiva10th Century A.D.
Suka TempleShiva
Sukutesvara TempleShiva
Svapnesvara Siva TempleShiva
Talesvara Siva TempleShiva
Uttaresvara Siva TempleShiva
Vaital DeulaShiva9th Century A.D.
Vishnu TempleVishnu12th Century A.D.
Yameshwar TempleYama12th Century
Laxminrusingha TempleNarasimha
Tribeniswar TempleShiva

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